Chapter Eight, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - La nuova umanità

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Chapter Eight, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Le Nuove Scritture

Chapter Eight, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/19/13

I am Sananda/Jesus.

This is going to make some people angry, others confused, still others ecstatic.  The things I am saying in these New Scriptures are very different from the Scriptures that were written for the compilation which became the New Testament of the Bible.  Of course, I did not write any of those chapters personally.  Some of them were written by the people who were close to me - my disciples, as they were called, but many were written long after I left, and therefore were not my words, and sometimes were not my thoughts.  Those who have studied the Bible should be able to identify what I am referring to. Any teachings not based in Love are not mine, or God’s.

There is another problem with the Bible, however, and that is that many of the most important writings were deliberately excluded.  My beloved wife Mary Magdalene taught The True Way at my side, in harmony with the ideas I had come to offer the world.  She was the writer of the family, with my enthusiastic approval, and she documented some of the most important teachings, which we hoped would remain for posterity.  Unfortunately, they were hidden away at the time when Emperor Constantine commissioned the volume which was to become the Bible.

These writings will be found soon, and when we return to walk among you, her voice will be heard again as the brilliantly kind and loving Light she has always been. It was our hope then that her presence would be an influence for change in the cultural attitudes toward women, but it was not to be in the larger way we had hoped for.  The group of men who decided to discredit her by casting doubt on her moral character did so with clear intent: they deliberately created a story which would damage her credibility and therefore her power to reach large numbers of people with her teachings.  

Think how different the attitude toward women might have been in those countries which call themselves “Christian” if her true identity and her personal power had been acknowledged.  She was my equal partner and collaborator.  Her strength sustained me through the difficult times, as did my dear Mother Mary’s.  Together, they were the fortress of Love and understanding which softened the path I traveled during those difficult years.  I could not have done it alone.  

The emphasis on male domination and exclusivity which the Bible presents could not be further from the true story of my life and that of my closest disciples.  We were raised in the Jewish tradition of close and enduring family ties, one which valued the partnership of two parents and emphasized the precious gift which children are.  We continue to feel the same way about the sacred bond between a man and a woman and the great need which all children have for a stable and supportive home.  We do not, however, condemn anyone who is able to create an alternative version of this loving partnership.  In a family home, it is the atmosphere of Love which matters, not the individual identity, gender or age of the participating members.  

Human beings are social beings, and we all need good company and comfort when we return home from our travels, whether they entail a day in an office doing paperwork, or plowing a field.  We all need the love of a family which embraces us in the nourishing atmosphere of Light.  Unfortunately, generations of human children have survived with a minimum of comfort, and without a source of wholeheartedly given Love.  This is changing.  Children are now truly seen as the promise of the future and the hope for a better world than their parents lived in, and it will come to pass.

Many have heard of the crystal or indigo children. They seem to be a different breed, a more advanced version of humanity than has been seen here on Earth before.  It is true that they are literally crystalline-based creations; their DNA is different from that of their parents in that the dormant strands of DNA in their makeup have already been activated.  You will all feel yourselves becoming more like these children every day.  As your own DNA is being activated, your creativity is expanding, and your capacity to feel endless Love is increasing.  Like these new children, you are becoming more like the Gods and Goddesses you were born to be.

You see, these children are not a new creation at all.  They are a reemergence of the true identity of humankind, the restoration of the brilliant blueprint of intelligence and power which was a part of the plan for the ascension of mankind.  The ascension you are preparing for now is actually a return to the glory of the original Earth which was Eden - a glorious place of peace, harmony and contentment.  However, the gift of a beautiful, nurturing Paradise was not enough for the soul development of a species as industrious, curious, creative and aggressively acquisitive as you have been.  This was why we all decided together in our planning Councils that the Earth would descend into a 3-dimensional state for an interim which would allow for the greatest tests of valor, integrity and honor.

Now, here you are, having completed many lifetimes here on the Earth plane.  You have been bruised and battered in your bodies and your souls.  It is the time now for your healing, because you have already left the lower vibrations of 3-D life.  You are slowly awakening to the truth that everything has changed, and you too will have no choice but to change.  You find yourselves clinging to old patterns, old ideas, and many are sorely pressed to give up their hold on the old ways of life, even if they were fraught with pain, resentment and suffering.

What holds you, Dear Ones, to the traditions that have enslaved your minds and punished your bodies?  What do you still find so precious that you can’t bear to part with it, even though you complain so bitterly about the stresses in your daily lives?  What do you really have to lose but your fear, your pain and your sadness?  The life in higher vibrations is not new to you; you have experienced it behind the Veil between every lifetime.  You have lived in Paradise in the company of Heaven.  You have sipped from the cup of eternal life and felt the endless Love of your Father/Mother God.  The memories are there in your heart/mind - that place in your heart where you think with your feelings, and where you connect with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your soul connection to higher dimensions.  At this moment, your Higher Self is residing just above your head, just the other side of the Veil in the 5th dimension.  Listen, Beloved Ones, and you will hear the urgings of your soul as clearly as you hear your alarm clock in the morning or the car horns honking on your way to work.  Awaken to the voice inside you that speaks of Love, of Truth and of Hope.  You have called it intuition, or gut feelings, or what you know in your bones.  It is the voice of God inside you, all around you, urging you to arise and take your place in the wonderful adventure that is in store for you.  

The next time you find yourself wondering whether to trust your intuition or to try to figure things out in your head, stop and reconsider.  Which is a better way to solve a problem: rely on God’s wisdom and the wisdom of the cosmos, or add and subtract in your brain, where you have only the information you have been taught by those around you?  The answer should be clear.  Your brain, which we refer to as your vault of knowledge, is like your computer.  It can store, search and retrieve.  It cannot make decisions; it can only report to you what other people have told you about their decisions.  This is not an effective way to conduct your life.

Your inner voice, the voice of your heart/mind, is connected to your subconscious mind, which is not in your brain but continues eternally with or without your body.  It is a complex resource, overseen by your Higher Self, who has access to all memories of your many lifetimes and can make available to you the skills and knowledge you have accrued in other lives.  This is why you may be “a natural” when it comes to certain abilities.  You probably have practiced these abilities before in some form.  For instance, a facility with languages is probably the result of having spoken these languages in other lives; an interest in healing or medicine is probably a long-standing interest, and so on.

You are multifaceted beings, far more complex and wise in your reservoir of knowing than you can imagine.  Upon ascension, you will all finally have access to your memory of all these things from your own lifetime, and you will be able to study the Akashic record of others as well.  You will learn the truth of your history and the history of your planet, and you will discover how little of the story your scientists and experts have uncovered.  There are new discoveries every day, many so anomalous that the anthropologists have no idea how to classify or understand them, and so many dramatic pieces of evidence are put in a drawer or filed away for later.

What do you actually know about Planet Earth and its inhabitants?  Did humankind and other species “evolve” by trial and error, under the influence of external forces?  Only very slightly.  There have been some minor adaptations which occurred because of outside conditions, but they have been minimal.  Mostly, changes are made under the supervision of Prime Creator, carried out by Mother/Father God and other high level Masters.  You were created, Dear Ones, in a collaborative effort which covered millions of years in Earth time.  There have been several previous civilizations, as you have learned in Mother/Father God’s writings over the past few years, and those civilizations had a direct effect on the development of humankind.

You will be learning about the true anthropology and political history of your dear planet when Disclosure is complete, for of course the background for why your Star Brothers and Sisters are here is relevant to where you are now.  They will have fascinating stories to tell you that will hold you enraptured for many long story-telling events.  You see, they have much more to offer you than just the advanced technology which will immediately improve your lives, your health, the health of the planet.  They will help to restore you to your deep unconscious connections to fascinating events which are now beyond your reach.  They are eager and thrilled for the opportunity to help you learn more of the things which helped them in their own planetary Ascensions.

Who are these Brothers and Sisters who are so eager to help you?  They come from far and near, relatively speaking.  Many are from your own galaxy, from Sirius, the Pleiades, Sagittarius, and the others, numbering nine planets in your Milky Way Galaxy which are inhabited by humanoid beings.  There are also innumerable visitors from other galaxies, some from distant star systems your scientists are not aware of.  All are coming in their ships to help in any way they can.

Let me tell you of a recent event involving these visitors.  Many of you have heard of the Arcturians.  They are a highly evolved civilization which has reached a level of cooperative group identity; they prefer to work in unity with one another than to be known as unique individuals.  Although they can separate themselves out to communicate with you, they prefer to remain as the group identity in which they work comfortably and very effectively.  They are very advanced healers and have spent much effort in studying humankind. They are very interested in the powerful combination of thought and feeling which you possess, and have developed very effective tools for healing the diseases which result from the interplay between your psychosomatic (feeling/body) beings.

Recently, our Lady Portia has begun to do healing sessions on, at our request, and hundreds of volunteers - approaching 1,000 - have signed up to be available to direct healing energy to the people who have requested healing.  We in higher dimensions have joined in this cooperative venture, and the results have been magnificent.  When the Arcturians were invited to join the healing Masters, along with Mother/Father God, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, and many others, they responded by bringing their healing ships to help the entire planet.

First, two large Mother ships parked in high orbit over the North and South Pole, then four other smaller ships positioned themselves at the four points along the equator.  Because they were called upon, they came.  This is an example of the kind of materializing - creating what you ask for - that is possible now.  They will now assist in the healing of the entire planet.  You can all expect to experience “miraculous” healings, as many of the participants in the internet healing sessions have.  As the numbers of healers grows, the power of intention becomes such an irresistible force that no disease or illness can survive in its presence.  

This healing endeavor has also brought forth thousands of dark entities, who are trying to attach themselves to the Lightworker hosts whom they see as their last hope for survival.  As you all may know, Lucifer has returned Home, to the welcoming arms of his Mother/Father God, his twin flame Archangel Gabrielle, and his adoring brothers and sisters.  He was given a hero’s welcome, much to his surprise, for he thought his long journey to Earth has failed to bring more light and higher vibration to the planet, which was his plan.  

The intentionally-created Dark Energy form which was “Satan” has been captured and taken to the Light. The Dark Entities have now heard the story, and are in disarray and confusion because they had been manipulated into thinking that Lucifer was the Devil, the representative of all evil, and their powerful leader.  They are now stunned to discover that the one named Lucifer is in fact the essence of Light and Love, and they are beginning to come out of their dark hiding places, fearful, confused, disillusioned and desperate.  Many are attaching themselves to unsuspecting Lightworkers, in an effort to find a way to be saved.  Most are willing now to turn toward the Light, to be forgiven and restored in Love.  

They are attaching themselves by the thousands to Gabrielle’s Pillar of Light protection which surrounds her.  As a team, Lucifer, Archangel Michael, St. Germain and I, along with Shatoose Mother Ama, Father God, the Arcturians and many others, counsel and reassure them.  They are being wrapped in a cocoon of Light, and most of them are choosing to go back to Source to be restored to the Light.

This is truly a monumental endeavor.  Gabrielle has joyfully offered to be of service by offering herself as the Light which attracts the thousands upon thousands of Dark Entities, who have been terrified to return because of what they have done.  They fear punishment, but what they receive is kindness, forgiveness and endless Love.  We escort them, one and all, to the Light to meet God.  The planet is at last being cleared of these Dark Ones, most of whom were misdirected followers.  It is truly a triumph for Light over Darkness.  

We are grateful to our healing teams on the ground, to the Lightworkers who have learned to remove these Dark Entities, and to the growing internet healing team whose energies have inspired such positive action.  This is an example of the synergy which is produced when hundreds of people join forces to focus their energy toward a single, positive outcome:  the healing and Ascension of Planet Earth.  It is working brilliantly, and will continue to raise the consciousness and therefore the level of vibration of the whole planet.  

By sending Love and Light to all who need physical healing, you have created a wave of awareness of the interplay between Dark thinking and disease, between anxiety, despair, illness and Darkness.  As healing proceeds, and perfect health becomes a dream in everyone’s mind, darkness vanishes into the ether, and despair is replaced by joy.  These “miracles” will become commonplace as more and more people begin to ride the wave of exhilaration and Love directly into the 5th dimension and the Dream of Ascension we have all shared for millennia.

I am Sananda/Jesus, and I am here to serve you.

Trascribed by Kathryn E. May, August 19, 2013, 11 pm, EDT

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