Chapter Five, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - La nuova umanità

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Chapter Five, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Le Nuove Scritture

Chapter Five, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/12/13

I am Sananda, the one you have known as Yeshua ben Joseph.

The skies are turning bluer, and the people of Planet Earth are turning their faces to the sun, feeling the Light which bathes all of you, blessing you with the Love of God as you go through your days.  You can feel the lighthearted vibration of your dear Mother Earth, who is celebrating her new birth, her ascension into the 5th dimension.  You are being invited to join in the uplifting energy which is being sent to you from Prime Creator to lift your hearts and to help you experience the power of being connected with your heart/mind.

Your heart/mind, or as I prefer to say it, your heartmind, is the place in your heart where you can think, feel and know things that your brain alone cannot comprehend.  You are complex beings, Humankind, and you have the ability to establish your neurological connections within your body in a variety of ways.  Most of you have been trained to adopt the configuration which allows you to think only with your brain, bypassing your heartmind.  It was believed, under the sway of your “scientific” approach, that “rational” thinking is superior to ideas and thoughts which are influenced by feeling.

This arrangement is very unfortunate, since it makes you far less intelligent and creative than you would be had you retained and developed the whole body intelligence you were born with.  This has at last been “discovered” by your scientists, but it has not yet changed the way you educate your children.  I will have suggestions for you here to help you restore your innate connections to the power of your heartmind.  As many of you have discovered, meditation is a powerful tool for restoring yourself to peace of mind.

Let us discuss for a moment how meditation can change your relationship with yourself.
You are familiar with prayer, and the calm feelings it brings when you send your entreaties and your expressions of gratitude to God or to other Masters.  We hear your prayers, and we work with what you ask of Us, in cooperation with your Higher Self.  We cannot go against your master plan for this lifetime, which your Higher Self oversees, but we do try to offer Love, Compassion and Acceptance.  As it has been traditionally practiced, prayer is a one-way conversation from you to Us.  We wish to open that channel to allow for a two-way communication now instead.

The great power of meditation combines a calm and focused attitude similar to prayer, but with your channels open to receive communication from Us in response to you.  Prayer is often used to plea with Us, for mercy, or to stop the pain in your life, or the lives of others.  We are not in a position to answer these kinds of prayers because these events are not caused by God to you alone; they are usually a part of the individual plan which you worked out in cooperation with God, your Higher Self, your Guides and Helpers, and Prime Creator.  We will immediately respond to offer relief if the request you send addresses something which was not intended to be in your Life Plan.

Now, meditation is a more open form of communication.  It allows you to re-program your systems to receive on a higher wavelength so that you can hear our answers to your prayers.  We prefer this conversational approach.  It may feel odd to those of you who feel overawed by the presence of your Masters, but We wish to assure you that none of us wishes to be worshiped, or held at a distance.  We are here to serve you, to teach, and to offer you the Love of our hearts.  I wish to communicate with you, heartmind to heartmind, as you might say.

Think of this as an activity similar to attending a seminar or a personal tutoring session with your college professor.  The teacher is not different from you in kind; s/he is more advanced along the path of learning by virtue of long years of study and discipline, wishes to help you with your own progress.  This is the way we see our work.  We welcome close communication with those who are ready to move ahead in their soul work.  This soul work always involves some form of the progression I have mentioned earlier: learning to take command of your own feelings and thoughts, healing from the traumas and painful memories of many lifetimes, clearing away old patterns you learned to think of as “who I am” to make room for the true, brilliant and free Self you can be.

I urge you to begin thinking of yourself as the one who is your Higher Self.  In this picture, you embody the sum of all lifetimes, all knowledge and all growth.  Your current personality, and the collection of ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are just the ephemeral collection of responses to what you have experienced in this particular lifetime, a tiny part of the soul you really are.  Begin by moving back from your Self to get a long-range perspective on this body, this short lifetime, and the timeline you have experienced so far.  See this life as a part of the enormous whole that is your Cosmic Self, and see that Cosmic Self as a part of the whole of the great reality which includes all of Creation.

When you meditate on this vision of yourself within the Cosmic whole, you will begin to see that you are neither a small insignificant speck nor a limited and finite Human with 80 or 90 years’ existence.  You are a necessary cog in the great wheel of Life, a crucial part of this Earth Ascension, and a beloved Child of Creation.  

Every feeling/thought, every action, every lifetime plays an irreplaceable part in relation to all others; you have touched innumerable other souls and have been touched by them.  There is no insignificant or expendable Being; there is no meaningless or unnecessary event; there are no accidents that do not play an important part in the unfolding of the shared Destiny of humankind.

When you look at yourself from this perspective, you will begin to understand how we see you.  Every one is precious; every being is unique.  We feel immeasurable love for you, and hope for the future of our ambitious project.  You have all worked with me on this throughout many lifetimes here on Earth.  Each of your lifetimes have been your way of progressing along your soul path to a higher level of enlightenment.  In this way you have done your own part in creating the rising tide which elevates everyone on the planet.  In addition, you have done your part in the interplay with others - your soul mates, acquaintances and friends.  

Some of you have agreed to lives in which you challenged others by pushing them toward greater independence, or greater compassion, or tolerance for others.  At times those of you who wished to advance in your ascension even made the sacrifice of playing the role of the oppressor, which inspired others to organize against the oppression to become advocates for the greater good.

You see, this is the powerful irony in the experience of life on Earth.  It brings out the courage, the conviction and the highest level of dedication to the Light when people are put in the most difficult situations.  It is the model which has been adapted for training soldiers who will face the most difficult challenges in battle, popularly called boot camp.
Yes, this is the way the Universe sees your sojourn here, and why they are in admiration of your progress.  There are other ways to evolve as souls, but none so arduous, thorough, and in cosmic terms, resulting in such rapid change.

In the short period of about seven thousand years, this civilization has evolved into a relatively effective overall arrangement in which most of the people on the planet are fed, clothed and sheltered to such a degree that the population has grown exponentially.  In spite of areas of poverty, your life expectancy has risen across the globe, and there is the growing popular belief that medical care, literacy, availability of clean water and sufficient food is a right which all should enjoy.  It has not yet been achieved, but the seeds of success have taken root in the heartmind of the whole planet.  Even with the interference of those in power who would put their own greed before the wellbeing of others, groups of private citizens continue to achieve wondrous progress through humanitarian programs.

We in higher dimension can see the trajectory of your efforts.  Projects begun have a natural impetus to move toward fruition in the high energies of the current wave of Lion’s Gate energy from the Central Sun.  Acts of kindness performed yesterday have already taken flight to spawn further generosity in others. The actions of those reading these messages are beginning to shift the level of energies from tentative hopefulness to excited anticipation.  You can all feel something coming; something exciting and fulfilling is about to break through into consciousness in yourselves and in the larger world.

It is a time of foment, a time of questioning of old ideas and old ways, including two major areas:  the religious belief systems which have become rigid and exclusionary and destructive to human happiness based in Love for one another, and the economic belief systems which have allowed and even encouraged the destruction of Mother Earth herself, the one who has given life and sustenance to all.

All this will change.  I have returned to give support and encouragement to those who have followed their deepest inclination to raise themselves and their fellow humans up, to participate in acts of kindness and generosity even when no one was watching them.  The “unsung heroes” among you are many, and they form the Legions of Light which will become the foundation for the New Golden Age.  I commend you, and to all who are newly awakening from their slumber, I greet you with open arms and welcome you to the glorious march toward liberty, equality and the deepest happiness which arises from the sense of Oneness with each other, with Creator and with me.  

We are here for you at every moment, awake or asleep, and we are whispering in your ear even now as you read these messages.  We are One.

I am Sananda, the author of these messages, and the one you knew as Jesus.

Transcribed through Kathryn E. May, Aug. 11, 2013, 11 pm, EDT

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