Chapter Fourteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - La nuova umanità

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Chapter Fourteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Le Nuove Scritture

Chapter Fourteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Posted on September 9, 2013 at 8:35 AM

In the last chapter I encouraged you all to sign up to join the healing groups which will help you learn to restore your connections to your bodies.  Some people had thought that, since you will be leaving this plane, you will have no need to feel an attachment to your old bodies because you will be getting new ones.  This is not the case.  The bodies you are in now are the ones you will remain with for eternity.

Now, do not be alarmed; I do not mean that you will remain 80 years old, or that you will continue to live with the twisted back or the overly large ears you were born with, unless you should choose to do so.  No, you will be taken to the light chambers, either on the Arcturian ships or within Hollow Earth, where you will be renewed, restored to perfect health, where missing limbs will be regrown, and where you will be able to experience life again as a young adult.  Most choose an age around 25 or 30 years in Earth time, but there are no hard and fast rules about those things.  You may choose your height, your shape, your coloring and your facial features.

Many will want to keep something of the way they look now in order to be familiar to those who may still remain in lower dimensions.  It will be helpful for them to relate to you if there are at least some similarities to the person you were, however this is a matter of personal preference.  Your soul energy will be recognizable to anyone who has known you in this life.  We each carry a particular signature energy - your essence - which is a combination of your thoughts, feelings and physical presence, and no two beings are alike.

So, you see, no one will be left behind, because you will be able to return to Earth if you wish to, to help those who have not yet absorbed the lesson at hand, which is that everyone must eventually make the transition to the 5th dimension, and the sooner they do so, the better.  Meanwhile, Mother Earth will hold herself, with the help of a powerful Galactic presence, in such a way as to allow those who are still in the 3rd dimension to continue in that way until all have ascended.

As many of you have understood, it is a matter of Cosmic Law that nothing remains static; all energy in the Universe is in motion.  Therefore, it will not be possible for Mother Earth to remain in this holding pattern indefinitely.  There will come a time when all must choose to ascend or be taken elsewhere to continue incarnating as they wish.  This is not punishment, nor is it a failure.  There may be some younger souls who choose to continue their lessons rather than ascend.  This is the individual choice, made between the Higher Self and God.  The decision will come not because they have failed but because Mother Earth must move on.

All who remain on the Earth at this time are capable of learning the lessons needed to ascend.  As we have told you earlier, all the Reptilians who were dedicated to evil have been removed.  There is no one left who cannot be restored to the Light through the force of their own free will.  There may be some remaining who have been so steeped in the Dark practices of the cabal that they are reluctant to give up on the promise of having power over others, but their wishes will not come true in the New Golden Age.

The balance has already tipped, Dear Ones.  The Light is increasing on the Planet by the minute, and you are responsible for its power.  You have created a network of beacons which shine out across the land, drawing others to your side, and with them come others.  The waves of individuals moving toward Ascension will become so visible and so compelling that there will be a tipping point.  As soon as everyone knows of several people who have left and come back healthy, happy and young, the their glowing presence among them is apparent to all, everyone will begin to work in earnest to raise their vibration.

There will be tutors, mentors, classrooms and gathering places for all to study Raising Your Vibration.  There will be our radio shows, Healing for Ascension, and others will be teaching special energy techniques.  Kathryn will be traveling across the land to teach Visual Centering to large groups, who will begin to balance and center themselves for the last push toward their graduation.  It will be a glorious time, and a very busy time for all.  Fortunately, by then there will be funds to support all who wish to study, and no one will be left out for lack of money to pay for the classes.

As more and more people read the messages from Mother/Father God, which she called "When God Pinched My Toe," and Kathryn's Ascension manual, "Who Needs Light?" it will become easier for people to identify and begin to dissolve the pain of the past, the major key to clearing your consciousness to make way for the light of your being to shine forth.  There will be tears of relief and tears of joy flooding the planet.  With the translations of all the messages, beginning with Kathryn's first story of how she was contacted by Mother/Father God, continuing through what will be a collection of 200 messages, people will be able to read the reassuring words of encouragement and wisdom which helped people to prepare for Ascension, before and through the Dec. 21, 2012 near-miss and beyond.

Yes, it was a near miss, because so many of you were ready to ascend, but so many still were not.  The tipping point was nearly reached then, but it is not such an unfortunate thing that it could not unfold fully at that time.  It became clear that the Ascension plans could not succeed as long as the Reptilians still had a hold on the high offices and the armies of the world.

The Light which was generated during those days overwhelmed the fear-mongers who tried to promote ideas of global disaster; their efforts did not succeed.  You were not aware of it at the time, but your great efforts at raising your vibration completely neutralized the Dark energies, and profoundly effected those Reptilians who were inhabiting human bodies.  It was the beginning of the shift toward recovery, and the restoration of their DNA which had been suppressed so many thousands of years ago.  Because of your efforts during those months, nearly one million souls were saved.

Mother/Father God are still in a state of wonder at your heroic gifts and your success in rescuing so many of their beloved children from being dissolved into the great ocean of All That Is.  They are experiencing a period of mourning, for they love all their children, and it was painful for them to lose even one of them to Darkness, but this was of course mitigated by the joy of welcoming back so many who now have the opportunity to begin anew.  These million souls are now being restored to the Light in ongoing study with the great teachers who will help them to understand how they were persuaded to give up their capacity to love, and how they were enthralled by the promise of power and great wealth.  It is a process similar to what you might call "rehab."  These same Masters who are helping them will be available to those among you who are having difficulty learning to relinquish all attraction to addiction, destructiveness and violence.

Now, let us discuss the world around you.  There are many elements which remain from the thousands of years of Reptilian influence, especially in your hierarchical organizations - corporations, political parties, educational institutions and so forth.  Think of the unpleasant encounters you have suffered in the last month.  Most of them probably occurred in the context where there was no real personal contact, or where the structure itself provides anonymity.  The man who responds with violence in an incident on the highway would be more likely to respond with nothing more than a grumpy, "Watch it!" if you bumped into him on a sidewalk.  A boss who is rude to his employees under the protection of a corporate structure is less likely to do so when his own evaluation is being overseen personally by his boss.

The layers of hierarchical structure especially provide isolation and anonymity for those at the top.  The legal structure of a corporation is specifically designed to protect the officers who make the decisions from legal prosecution for the actions of the corporation.  This created a system in which irresponsible behavior was rewarded with greater profits, and the people who generated those profits could not be held responsible for abuses of any kind, such as massive pollution or labor abuses, or unfair trade practices.  The corporation itself could be fined, but this rarely created enough of a deterrent to stop the abuses.  It did encouraged greater secrecy, and so, clever and intricate accounting practices and shadow ownership arrangements became the favorite ploy for companies which wished to continue their unfair and immoral practices.

All this is coming to a grinding halt.  A sudden shift in the playing field has created a firestorm of panic in the ranks of the cabal, where the minions have also been provided at least the illusion of protection, as long as their bosses did not turn on them.  The Reptilian bosses are suddenly gone, but the structures remain, and there are still those human Wannabe trainees who would have been eager to take over were it not for the "out of left field" Papal decree.  The full impact of this remarkable act of courage on the part of Pope Francis ! has not yet begun to be felt, although the first sign that the rats are leaving the ship is the impressive number of resignations which have begun to be tendered by people in high office, effective September 1, 2013.

This date, Sept. 1, 2013, is the deadline stated in the papal decree which declares that any individual who has worked in any capacity under the auspices of the Holy See will henceforth be deprived of immunity in any legal proceedings, and will be open to prosecution for crimes against humanity.  This is a simplified description of the import this decree carries.  I recommend that you read the decree in its entirety, along with the analysis which makes it clearer, on the website *

While it may seem at first glance that this is of no concern to anyone other than employees of the Vatican, it is not so.  By the same labyrinthine process which protected banks from prosecution in the economic meltdown of 2008-9, the corporations of the United States, Canada, the U.K. and many other countries are under legal jurisdiction, via Admiralty Law, of the United Kingdom, an arrangement which has remained in effect since England settled the thirteen colonies and the colonies themselves adopted Admiralty Law in its courts and legal systems.  These laws remain in effect to this day, including the decree which ceded ownership of all lands to be settled in the New World to the Virginia Company, a British company.

In turn, the U.K. is controlled by the Vatican, a matter of some secrecy and discomfort, but well known by those in power.  This situation remains in effect from the time of the Norman invasion in 1066 A.D. It has been allowed to continue by agreement of the Royal Family for purposes of controlling great sources of power and wealth through some very unholy alliances.

The implications are even more far-reaching.  Why would Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank and one of the most powerful men in the world suddenly resign?  Because corporations will no longer offer immunity to their executives.  And Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security for the U.S?  Because the United States is a Corporation under Admiralty Law, as are the towns, cities and states in most of the United States.  And so the plot begins to unravel.

It is a delicious irony, is it not, that the towers of wealth and power will be toppled by the one who would have been most unlikely to have done so?  It never occurred to anyone in the past thousand years that the Pope himself would pull the string which would bring the house of cards to the ground.  He sounded the death knell on his first day in office when he said, "This shall be a poor church for poor people."  And so it shall be.

And so you see, Beloved Ones, the Light will enter at last into the halls of justice, and the people will be given back the power to govern themselves, as inspired lawyers, politicians who truly wish to serve the best interest of the people, and community leaders join forces to quickly bring down the Dark matrix which has controlled every aspect of life, even as people labored under the propaganda which convinced them they were free.  Sensitive and good people have always felt there was a Dark hand of control guiding the travesties they saw in their lives.  Now it is being revealed that the conspiracy they suspected was more far-reaching than anyone could have imagined.

It is truly a Machiavellian plot which will unravel before your eyes.  Leaders who were revered will be sent to jail, while some who were reviled will come forward to assist the New World in its birth.  It will be an exciting time, an exhilarating new beginning - one in which every individual will find his or her path and will bring their own brilliance and creativity to the table, as new structures and systems will be built which will truly allow each individual to bring out their truly wondrous nature, in the Light of Love, Justice, Harmony, Compassion and true Freedom.

I look forward to these joyful days with you,
Your brother in freedom, Sananda/Jesus.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 1, 2013, 10 PM EDT

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