Chapter Nineteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - La nuova umanità

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Chapter Nineteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Le Nuove Scritture

Chapter Nineteen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Posted on October 12, 2013 at 8:30 PM

It is an exciting time, is it not?  All of you who are reading this as it is published in October, 2013 are waiting for the global revaluation of currencies which will provide a leveling effect on the world economy and will lift those countries that have been considered "third world" nations out of their second-class status.  Many are not aware of the changes happening behind the scenes.  

It seems as if the planet goes on, limping along, suffering at the hands of the rich and powerful overlords who have enslaved so many, instigate devastating wars and reap the benefits in increasing wealth and power.  This is only the most superficial view - the one you will see on the media.  The reporting is sensationalized, carefully culled to uncover the most fear-inducing representations of events. Fear-mongering is a favorite sport on this planet; it feeds the adrenaline junkies, as they have been called, and fills the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies, the entertainment industry, and the gun manufacturers.

I have stated that I am here to teach a message of Love, Compassion, Truthfulness and Light.  These are the opposite of fear.  When you fill your consciousness, your body and mind with Love and Light, there is no room for the lower vibrational feelings of anxiety, depression and despair.  They cannot exist in the same Universe, and you, Dear Ones, are a universe.  Each of you contains the stardust and rainbows, sunshine and heartbeat of your Creator, just as I do.  We are created to be expansive, generous and kind.  

Think of a baby's reaction to laughter.  The baby will begin to laugh, wiggle, shriek with pleasure, responding with their whole body to the shared joy.  Children are not the only ones who are capable of great sharing and great joy.  We each have a funny bone; we each rise in our vibration as the laughter rises within us.  It is indeed "good medicine," as the Native Americans used to say.  

Every child, in every culture on the planet, is capable of good and wonderful things.  Each one of you began with hope and in faith.  No lifetime is wasted; no soul is without value.  Your birthright is to grow in wisdom and spiritual power with each experience, and to rise at the end of each lifetime to return to Creator to be welcomed home with Love and Compassion, regardless of the accomplishments or crimes, successes or so-called failures.  

In God's eyes, there are no failures, only opportunities to advance on your path, for every lifetime is followed by an extensive review, an in-depth exploration of all the twists and turns of your path.   No stumble is condemned, but only illuminated.  No transgression is punished; it is only revealed and examined, understood and forgiven.  So, you see, this life is a laboratory experiment of your own making, to be later dissected for complete understanding.  The only goal is to increase in your capacity for Kindness, Forgiveness and Inner Light.  If a life of wrong-doing is the most powerful lesson, perhaps you arranged it for yourself, setting up the conditions which would make your fall from Grace inevitable.  There is no better way to learn humility.

By the time you have lived a long life as a soul - some of us were earlier Creations with more experience in the ways of incarnating on Earth - you have experienced life through every possible prism.  A thorough education involves lives as princes and paupers, kings and queens, slaves and slave masters.  There is no hierarchy of Heaven other than the recognition of power and wisdom gained along the path of ascension, on Planet Earth or elsewhere.

It is now a time of accelerated learning.  You are being given the opportunity to lift yourselves out of the Darkness you have been immersed in for your entire embodiment here.  Only weeks ago the entire Reptilian race left voluntarily or were removed from the planet.  What is left now for you to work on is the residue of Dark ideas and feelings.  These patterns have become embedded in the culture, so much a part of the group consciousness that you hardly notice them.  The feelings of lack, of anxiety about your survival, and the pervasive feelings of unworthiness are all a part of the leftover energy you will need to completely clear away in order to prepare yourselves for your Ascension.

In these messages which I will give you over the next few weeks, I will offer suggestions for clearing away the old thought patterns and replacing them with Light.  This has been the process all along - approaching each obstacle one at a time, addressing the inaccuracies and Dark feelings they engender and raising your vibration to eliminate them entirely.  We are now working toward complete healing, complete understanding of your own inner workings, your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let us address one of the concepts which has caused massive difficulties on the planet.  It is the idea that all humans are naturally aggressive and territorial.  We will hold this idea up against the reality of life in many different areas of the globe.  There are cultures, in the high Andes, in the South Seas, and in the Himalayas, for instance, where communities have lived for thousands of years without war, without discord, even though many of them are what would be considered very poor by Western standards.  These are ancient cultures, based in the principles of generosity, mutual respect, and the knowledge that when resources are scarce, everyone benefits by sharing.

These human communities are the direct contradiction to the ideas promoted by the Reptilians that scarcity leads to war, and natural resources will be fought over and brought under the ownership of the strongest (and best armed) conquerors.  You were encouraged to accept these ideas (as Darwin did) as inevitable - just the way humans are.  This is simply not true.  People who are left to their own devices will most often attempt to trade, negotiate, offer gifts and work to resolve problems peacefully unless they are subjected to a constant barrage of propaganda urging them to be afraid, and therefore ready to attack at the slightest hint of movement on the part of "the enemy."

It has been an often used strategy on the part of those in power to arrange a "false flag" incident (an attack in which the war-hungry leaders stage an aggressive action against their own people, which is then blamed on the the target of their war-lust.  Recent examples are the burning of the Reichstag by Nazi troops dressed as Polish soldiers, and the underground government attacks on the Twin Towers in the U.S. on 9/11 which were blamed on Muslim terrorists.  In both these cases, world domination via war against the supposed aggressor, not self-defense or survival, was the goal.

Since war or banking, and preferably both, are the two most profitable activities on the planet, one only needed to become a weapons manufacturer or banker to become fabulously wealthy, once the principle of "survival of the fittest" became a self-fulfilling prophesy.  It seeped into the language and into the value system of all the Western cultures.  The idea that "might makes right," has pervaded the nervous system and psyche of the planet, creating an acceptance for bullying and selfishness that was unprecedented in former times.  

Now it is your work to ferret out all the lingering Dark thoughts and feelings in order to prepare for your Ascension.  You will need to shake them off the way a dog shakes water off its back.  Be determined in your search for the roots and tendrils of the old thinking.  Remain connected with your heart at all times; test every idea and every tradition, every popular notion, every opinion or judgment against the feeling of pure Love and Light.  Does the idea, habit, tendency or state of mind raise your vibration to a higher level of Love?  If not, discard it without a moment's backward glance.

This is a difficult process, Dear Ones, because I have just told you to leave behind all your favorite guidelines - the belief systems which meld you to your family and your culture.  Let's review the process.  You hear yourself thinking a negative thought:  "That person is dressed in ragged clothes.  I mustn't look at them because they will want something from me, and I am in a hurry to get to work," or "My boss is in a bad mood today.  I have to avoid him because he always yells at people when he is in a bad mood."  Now, look at these incidents (or any other that fits your situation better).  Both responses are based in fear.  Fear brings down your vibrational level.  Something needs to go.  What is wrong with these responses?  They originate from ideas that generate fear, like "I don't have enough," or, "I am in danger of being humiliated, and that would be devastating."  

Now, breathe into your heartmind, the connection between the center of your heart and the center of your brain.  Begin always with the heart feelings, then let them rise up to instruct and inform your mind.  Go back to the street corner with the beggar, and feel what your heart tells you:  "Here is a human being with a story behind them.  Perhaps they would like to talk.  Maybe I could be of help to them, maybe a few dollars, since I have so much.  I wonder..."  With the boss, you might begin with, "I wonder why Boss is having such a bad day.  Maybe I can cheer him up if I bring him a cup of tea and ask him how he's feeling.  He must be in a pretty bad way if he is behaving so aggressively."

You see, when you remove thoughts about lack and ignore ego/self-worth issues, the difficult moments in life become opportunities to bring a ray of light and hope to the other, who is in a difficult position financially or emotionally.  The Dark training has taught you to mind your own business, avoid people who are in pain, or to blame the sufferer for a lack of ambition, or laziness.  We have taught you here that each one chooses his path for the purpose of evolving as a soul.  This is not a case of laziness - just the opposite.  The bum on the street may have had a past life as a wealthy king, and wishes to experience the lot of one who has nothing.  A boss or other person who is in a position of power over others and abuses that power probably learned to behave that way at the hands of his/her parents, and needs to relearn how to treat others with kindness.  Give him an example to follow.

You, Dearest Ones, are the torch-bearers, the ones who will inspire change in the people around you by the way you respond moment by moment as you go through your day.  You have a profound effect on everyone whose life touches yours, even in the most casual way.  Your energy emanates outward from you, filling the space around you with the vibration of love or fear, whichever you choose.  Do not forget that anxiety is fear and must be completely eliminated from your life.  When you accept our Love, you will be able to fill your heart with the feelings of kindness and generosity we feel toward you.  It will become a part of who you are, like breathing.  In that state of Love, there is no fear, for you know God's Love and protection, and you are able to understand that all experiences, no matter how difficult they may feel in the moment, are for our Greater Good.

Even my own experience of condemnation and crucifixion were a source of growth and expansion on my own soul path.  Yes, I knew when I chose to come to Earth to teach God's word that I would face a traumatic end, but it was worth it. Many of you have chosen to be tested, especially during this last incarnation on the Earth plane in 3-dimensional reality.  Some are in the process of "cramming" because the time is dwindling until the end of this semester of your most challenging life lessons.  You will not have this chance again, Dear Ones.  Do not be in a hurry to leave this last opportunity to grow; savor every moment, ponder every dilemma, reach for your highest self as you absorb these profound lessons in endurance, perseverance and Faith.

This time, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, can be your finest hour.  It is a time of decisions, of important choices, and above all, it is a time to learn the true meaning of Love.  Pure Love is the natural expression of the heart, which is God's creation and God's home.  Live in your heart as you never have before.  Dare to be completely, absolutely in Love.  Let the feelings pour out of you, surrounding you with an aura of kindness, forgiveness, acceptance and joy.  See the Love in the trees, in the pigeon on the street, in the fly on the window.  Look into the eyes of a child, and return their gaze with adoration.  You are the finest creation of Life.  Embrace it with all your might and will, and you will rise ever higher in Love and Light.  You are ascending.

I embrace you.  I am Sananda/Jesus, your brother.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 11, 10 PM

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