Chapter Seventeen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - La nuova umanità

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Chapter Seventeen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Le Nuove Scritture

Chapter Seventeen, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

esusThere is much going on around you, in your own lives, in the world at large.  The energies are rising, people are awakening, and the effect is rather unsettling for some.  Your media outlets, especially in the U.S., are still pumping out stories that are made to create the greatest fear effect, because they still believe that horror stories get the most attention.  They have not paid attention to the cute-kitten video effect on the internet, where some of the highest numbers of views are of kittens hugging dogs and dogs hugging babies.  This is not so surprising, is it?  Our hearts are stirred and our spirits lifted by the sight of a loving gesture, and especially when it comes from an unexpected source.

We have a wonderful event in store for you, when you will experience the loving greetings of your Star Brothers and Sisters as they come to meet you in huge numbers - one for nearly every person on the planet!  You will be learning wonderful things, Dear Ones, all of you who are preparing yourselves for your Ascension.  You will not be asked to leap from 3D into the 5th dimension without understanding what that means.  You will have special tutoring, classes in how to raise your vibration, and lessons in what to expect when you pass through the portals into the "Promised Land."

Those of you who have been reading the messages from Mother and Father God and other Masters for the past few years are knowledgeable, and therefore not afraid of what lies ahead for you.  In fact, you are so eager to cross the threshold that you are finding yourselves becoming impatient, and that is of course a lesson for you in something you need to gain command over - a reminder of the residue of a stressful life based on deadlines and expectations.  

Once you arrive in higher dimensions you will learn what it means to be truly at peace with yourself in the deepest possible way.  There are no deadlines as you know them, although there are constantly changing events which carry their own impact within the flow of all things.  Your Mother Earth's own ascension, for instance - her movement into the higher dimensions will necessitate that all her inhabitants raise their vibrations with her, as we have told you many times.  It is truly the joy ride you have been anticipating for all your lives.

Much of the discontent and malaise you have felt in the past year are because of the rising energies which are preparing you for this monumental transition, but which have not yet reached the much-anticipated climax.  You live in a fast-paced world where results are expected to come in moments or days, not years, but this, Dear Ones, is a life-altering Shift like nothing you have experienced before.  You are each in training for your own Olympic event, and it will take concentration and dedication to raise yourselves to the peak of excellence you will need to achieve in order to transverse the chasm between 3rd and 5th dimensional experience.

I do not mean by this that there is a black hole you will fall into; just the opposite - you will be welcomed into the arms of loved ones, Home at last. The transverse of which I speak is the same tunnel toward the Light that you have traveled many times before, at the end of each life.  The difference is that this time you will take your body with you, as we have said.  The Olympian feat you will have to accomplish is the achievement of being 100% your best self - the person you came here to be.  Your inner self, which is also the voice of your Higher Self within you, is pressing to be expressed.  There is no greater fulfillment in life than being truly, authentically the brilliant being of Light you were created to be.

This is not as effortful as it sounds.  Becoming yourself is really a return to the bright and beautiful self you were as an infant, before you were taught to stop expressing what you truly felt, and then to stop feeling what you really feel, because others might disapprove.  It is a relief when you find the pathway back to the center of your being.  It is as delightful as breathing deeply, as peaceful as being in love, and as rewarding as being skillful and competent at something you love to do.  You see, it is the model for all the different forms of beauty and excellence you are attracted to as human beings.

Imagine the ice skater who learns to perform at the level of a perfect 10 in a certain sequence of elements.  At the moment of such perfection, the skater is not thinking about how to do each move, or where their hands or feet should be.  They are attaining the finest of all the expressions of what they have practiced over thousands of hours of feeling their way, grooving in the physical patterns and the brain channels which allow for the final performance to come from a place of complete joy.

You have been living your life every day, every moment, perfecting your knowledge of who you really are.  You may have been pulled off a bit from time to time, but in the back of your mind, where your Higher Self continues to remind you of your true nature, you always know...this is what I am made for; this is who I really am.  Like the ice skater perfecting their art, you have studied yourself.  Sometimes you found a good coach in a mentor or a teacher who helped you to grow; sometimes you learned by pushing hard against restrictions or obstacles that impeded your progress.  Little by little, you perfect the art of being authentically You.

Now you are being encouraged to focus deeply on these studies, and on perfecting your art in a more intense and concentrated way than you have ever done before. This is your destiny, Dear Ones, to become the finest example of yourself that you can be, and only you and your Creator can know what that perfection really is.  There is no parent, partner or friend who could know your inner needs, talents and strengths as you do.  A close and loving person can appreciate and sense what is there, shining out from the Light of your being, but they cannot define it absolutely, for to do so would describe only that moment of observation, and not the whole of who you are, have been, and will become.

What you will become will delight you beyond your wildest imagination.  Words cannot express the possibilities that lie ahead for you.  The fact that you will share this incredible experience with many, many others will heighten the pleasure of it beyond measure.  This is the finest hour you have dreamed of and hoped for.  Now it is your responsibility to make it come true for yourself.  

You may have to decide in the coming weeks and months if you will move ahead of your family and friends.  This can only result in achieving what is in the greater good for all concerned, for you will be setting an example of joyful accomplishment which will lay the groundwork for others.  I want to reassure you that no harm can come to anyone around you because of your wish to ascend when you are ready.  They will want to follow your lead, when they are able to understand what a glorious experience is in store for them too.  Your pleasure and your accomplishment will inspire them to reach for what is best in themselves as well.

You have an analogy in your present lives that will help you to understand.  When you decide to go to college, or go for training in something you love to do, you must attend the classes yourself.  No one can do it for you, but when you do accomplish your goal, many others around you will benefit from your success.  It is a great pleasure to see those around us lifting themselves, honing their skills, increasing their knowledge, and performing at the highest level of which they are capable.  This is why you love to watch professional sporting events, and why the Olympics, the World Cup, the Masters, and other athletic events hold such fascination.  It is also why a museum which holds the works of the great Masters is such an inspiring place; excellence in all its forms helps to lift our spirits and our hearts.

Now it is your time to soar, to perfect the skill of being in complete command of yourself.  The result is exhilarating, fascinating, and fulfilling.  Complete mindfulness - meaning you are aware of your inner as well as your outer expressions of your beingness - is a Divine state of living.  This is why you are being encouraged now to find the God inside yourself, to express Love and Light by being of service to others.  The exercises you are learning to do every day, the meditations you practice, and the attentiveness to the needs of others you are developing - all these things will create in you a higher level of consciousness.

You have been taught the affirmations which remind you to take command of your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and to reach for your Higher Self, to become one with your Higher Self.  This is the pathway to Ascension, Dear Ones.  It is not enough, of course, to simply say the words "I AM strong, I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM one with All That Is, I AM God."  You must also feel the meaning of those words.  When we acknowledge our deepest connection to each other, to the God which resides in each of us, we discover that the feelings of Compassion, Love, Harmony, Forgiveness, Peace and Joy are indeed flowing from the essence of our being.

So you see, Beloved Ones, you each have it in you to become Love, for it is what you are made of.  It is a matter of balance, of finding the true center within you.  Breathe, connect the center of your heart with the center of our brain where you can reach upward to connect with your Higher Self.  You are then within the Light - your magnificent Pillar of Light suffuses every cell with warmth, love and acceptance.  Let it emanate outward, surrounding you and all who come in contact with you.  This is the foundation for all the fulfilling actions that will express your true nature, which is Love.

I am here with you, breathing the Love and Light which sustains us all.  Join me, walk with me.  Take part in this thrilling adventure we have all worked for millennia to experience together.  Let us lead the way, you and I.  Do not be afraid to proclaim yourself One with God, One with me, and One with all the beings of Planet Earth.  We are on our way to accomplishing our goal of Ascension for all.  We will lead, and all others will follow.  Come with me, Dear Ones, and we will walk this glorious path together.

I am Sananda/Jesus, and I am here to serve you.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 13, 2013, 11 PM.

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