Chapter Two, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus - La nuova umanità

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Chapter Two, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus

Le Nuove Scritture

Chapter Two, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus
by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/07/13

Today is the second day of a new time for Planet Earth.  It is a time of change, a time to leave behind old ideas, no matter how precious they may be to you.  I regret that I am now in the position of having to revise the religion that was established in my name, but the misinterpretations of my teachings are so rampant that I must set the record straight.  Wouldn’t you want to do the same if you knew you were misquoted so frequently and so deliberately that it changed the message that had been the work of your heart and soul?

It is not a matter of pride for me.  It is a matter of Truth.  Mother/Father God and I worked with Prime Creator for eons developing the plan for Planet Earth.  Our Dream of the Blue Planet was always that she would descend into lower vibrations, to create a heavy, 3D world for humankind to experience with free will.  Of course the only way to experience free will is behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, since that is the only way you can feel the separateness from the Universal Laws.  Your senses suggest to you that things “happen” independent of one another, and you feel dissociated from the cause and effect dynamic which is so obvious to us in higher dimensions.

The fruition of the Dream was to be the day (in cosmic terms, of course) when she would rise again to the 5th dimension and beyond, in triumph with her beloved family of humans, animals, plants and other sentient beings rising along with her in a glorious Ascension which would lift the entire cosmos along with her.  Yes, it was what we foresaw, and what we expect to see now.  Our faith in humankind has not been misplaced.  

Even though the Dark Ones slowed the process by creating havoc with the thinking and feelings of the people, humankind has shown the resilience and true nature of the Adamic race - your ability to sense what is fair, right, just and true.  You do it with your sturdy hearts and your far-ranging minds, and you also cannot but turn to some form of Faith when you feel yourselves slipping.  You are built for flexibility, courage and determination.  These are qualities which are such a powerful foundation for your Creativity.  You see yourselves as chaotic, unable to control your emotions and your thoughts, at the mercy of your instincts.  We see brilliance, lacking only the skilled coaching which will raise you to levels of intelligence and command which will bring you to the level you were created for.

This is the purpose of these messages: to help you raise your level of operating in your everyday lives to the point where you will now be able to ascend with your dear Mother Earth in the very near future - and by that we mean weeks or months, not eons.  Many of you are ready now, but the promise of Ascension we all made to each other long ago in the Dreaming time was that all would come together to create the most wonderful, joyous uplifting of hearts which would carry every one over the threshold into the 5th dimension at the same time.

Now, by everyone at once we did not necessarily mean in the same exact moment.  You will each make your Shift when you feel ready.  Some have been preparing for years, and will sail through on the first wave because they are fully informed of the discipline and elevation needed to make the transition.  Others will take a few more weeks or months to acclimate to the idea that their entire lives are going to change, regardless of whether they hang on for dear life to their old familiar ways or not.  And of course, the old familiar ways for many are steeped in religious tradition.

It has been an area of conflict across the globe - one religion against another, and each claiming to be the One True Word of God.  Dear friends, I can tell you now, with complete confidence, that there is no one true religion at this time on Planet Earth.  There are many truths and many falsehoods in every religion, from Christianity to Islam, from Buddhism to Hindu to the tribal belief systems of the most remote forests and mountains (although some of those come close to Truth in their simple acceptance of God in themselves and in every living thing).  I hope to do a better job this time of recording my own words for all to read, and to express the lessons directly and simply, as it is your habit of doing now in the 21st Century.

I do love to use parables and living examples when I tell of the lessons I wish to pass on to you now, but I will limit my descriptions to the common, everyday events you all experience now, as I did 2,000 years ago.  Much has changed, and the descriptions and the language has taken on very different nuances from what it was then.  This revision is long overdue.  Today, it is possible to write these words with the help of my friend, Lady Portia, and to send them out to the world electronically, with the expectation that within a week or two, millions of people will be reading them.  This is the reason I ask that no alteration be made to the text, and that translations be authorized personally by me.  These ideas are difficult enough to get across without well-meaning reinterpretation or inaccurate translation.

With that international, multilingual audience in mind, I will begin with the most basic teachings first, because those are the ones which have been so misunderstood in the old Scriptures.  I have chosen to present these teachings after nearly two years of previous messages and conversations with Mother/Father God because I now have the advantage of their words having set the tone for me to follow.  In that way, their words provide an important context for offering my simple lessons.

Lesson One stated that All is One.  All consciousness is connected, therefore all beings are connected to each other and to God. This is true not only for Earth, but also for all the far-flung beings, planets and stars of the Cosmos.  All is One.  All is God.

Now, in Lesson Two I will explain the relationship you have known as The Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Prime Creator holds the place at the top of the Pyramid which is the Trinity.  S/he is the Creator of All Creators, the Beginning of all Beginnings and the Source of All.  I, Sananda am the Son of Prime Creator.  I will now revise that to include my Twin Flame, Lady Nada, who is the other half of my soul, the glaring missing link in the story.  Mother/Father God, the Twin Flames of Life Created in the Milky Way Galaxy, combined make up the Holy Spirit.  The patriarchal description of the Story of Creation left out the ones who give birth - the Mother who is an essential part of the process, just as she is among humankind.

The original tendency to name only the men, their exploits and their strengths, gave an entirely distorted picture of the value of women in the life and governance of the Planet.  I will try to begin to right that wrong in these writings.  

Contrary to the teachings in the Bible, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute or a fallen woman of any kind.  She was a strong and intelligent woman of great dignity.  She was my beloved wife and the mother of our daughter, Sarah.  The degraded depiction of her was the beginning of the degradation of women which would last until the present, with some small process being made in the West during the last 120 years or so.

Mary Magdalene, heart of my heart, soul of my soul, and Love of my Life, would have been the model for strong and righteous women through all these years.  Instead, the group of men who compiled the stories for the Bible three hundred years after my death, made the conscious decision to wipe her existence out of the minds of the people, and for all intents they succeeded.  By separating us, and creating a picture of me as a celibate, unattached single man, they told a lie which deprived the people of the truth - that I was a loving and devoted husband and father.  

It was the beginning of what came to be known as the War of the Sexes.  For us, there was no war.  There was a strong and intimate equal partnership based on mutual respect and enduring Love which sustained me during my life challenges as much as did the love of my devoted Mother, Father, and my extended family.  It was this picture of strength through family love that they wished to eradicate, for it is the basis of a culture of happy and independent people.  Individuals who form strong, supportive family/community structures are less vulnerable and less dependent on outside resources, like government and religious institutions, and therefore less easily controlled, and less tempted by promises of power or material indulgence.

Following the Biblical rewrite of my life, the Big Lie left everyone confused and uncertain about what their primary relationships should be.  Relationships between men and women, women and their children, and men and their children were all redefined and distorted.  Does being of service to God mean you must be celibate, separate and alienated from the opposite sex?  Certainly not. The appeal of a solitary life is strictly a personal choice. Does it mean an attraction to an adult of the same sex puts you at risk for disapproval and punishment from God?  Absolutely not. Your choice of lifestyle, in terms of who your intimate partnerships are, has nothing to do with your devotion to God, except in the quality of the Love you share and the Compassion, Kindness and Forgiveness you practice in your interactions with them.

Instead of turning to each other for comfort, nurturing and friendship, within the close family relationships which so inspire us to feel the glory and presence of our Loving God, people were asked to turn instead to a priest or minister for forgiveness, guidance and solace.  This created a power structure in which the institution of the Church (any church) and its doctrine becomes the authority over the people, and carries the right and responsibility to interpret God’s Word and God’s Will for the people.  This was never God’s intention or mine.  

I suggest the elimination of all religious structures, other than perhaps a gathering place in which people may share in celebration and fun, in the conscious joy of being in God’s loving embrace.  I also suggest the elimination of all doctrine, dogma and rules.  The only guidelines we need are those included in the simple Lessons I am presenting here, to live in Kindness, Harmony, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Joy.  Love expands the heart and mind and brings joy to all who experience it.  If it does not have that effect, it is not Love; it is something else masquerading as love.

God is Love.  Prime Creator is Love, and this is our highest example of Unending Love.  Mother/Father God are Love, individually and together.  This leaves no room for judgment, vindictiveness or blame.  God does not punish.  Only humans under the influence of Dark Energies are interested in talking about, thinking about and envisioning punishment and suffering for so-called “sins.”  God does not even consider such things.  I do not teach or encourage such thinking.

We know that oppression breeds anger, and tends to create competition and conflict between and among the people.  We are confident that, taken out from under the yoke of economic, religious and political slavery, relieved of imposed guilt, shame and it resultant resentment, free men and women will begin to experience themselves as the kind and loving race of Creator Beings they are capable of being.

Our intention is to show the way to an end to divisiveness, duality, separation and alienation.  Its replacement will be Generosity of Spirit, Kindness, Acceptance, Friendship, and Service to Others - all others, and to the Planet which has been your loving Mother.

I am Love.  I am your Sananda, the one who has given my life in service for the enlightenment of humankind, for all humankind is created in the image of God, and it is my Path to demonstrate and teach the True Way, the way of Love so that every human being may discover that You Are God.  You are Light, and you are Love.

This is the end of Lesson Two.
We are One.

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